Saturday , 10 October 2015
Walmart to Introduce New Game Trade-In Program

Walmart to Introduce New Game Trade-In Program

Walmart will soon introduce a new game trade-in program in the coming week for gamers to trade-in nearly any game in their library to exchange for anything in the store.

As a major extension to the existing cell phone and tablet trade-in program already in Walmart stores, CExchange will manage the trade-in valuation for Walmart, as your titles will be evaluated in-store and traded for a Walmart gift card. Across 3,100 stores in the USA the new trade-in feature will not be eligible for a cash trade option, just as the cell phone and tablet version of this trade-in is not. When asked directly about this during the announcement conference call, Executive Duncan Mac Naughton said,

“[customers] would get a credit at Walmart which I would argue is just like cash.

Separating itself from stores like GameStop, Walmart will not be accepting used game hardware – only disks during the introduction of this program. All games accepted in the program will be sent outside the primary facility and refurbished before being resold, which is a nice benefit to the turn around as any used titles will be accepted at an estimated $35 store credit or less. We’ll assume less, given the immediate drop-off of value in GameStop trade-ins.

For those interested, games can currently be valued and traded through the online service provided on Walmart.com.

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  1. what a joke they offer 7 dollars and change for south park the stick of truth that just came out

    • There are probably a few good reasons for that. Even though Stick of Truth is brand new, the game can be beaten in less than 20 hours pretty easily. Given that fact, and the idea that the game has no multiplayer to pull it forward for the next year, that makes some sense. I’d still say that it’s worth $15 minimum, but that’s how CExchange works – unfortunately.