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The Destiny Beta is Over. Now What?


The Destiny Beta is Over. Now What?

As Bungie’s only major venture since the Halo franchise, the Destiny Beta test was a wild, enthralling, and bumpy ride on its final day. With intermittent service due to server load tests sending the Beta out in a sputtering whimper, we can’t wait to play Destiny again, but we feel lost while it’s gone. What can you play to satiate your Destiny needs while the game is being polished before September 9th? Here are a few ideas.

While we can focus on many different titles with our suggestions, it’s probably for the best if only free-to-play titles go into the recommendations we give out today. It might be safe to assume that you’re sold on Destiny and you’ve shelled out a few dollars recently for it, so we’re not going to work your pocket book any more with our suggestions.

Team Fortress 2:

As Valve’s premiere shooter, you and your friends can enjoy a free, fast and fun shooting experience with Team Fortress 2. If you’re looking to refine your shooting skills and play with similar physics, but lose the space aspects of Destiny, this should hold you over. If you’re hooked on Destiny’s ability to show off your prestige, TF2 can show off your skills with hats. Yes, in Team Fortress your skills and honor go on display with a silly hat, and it’s GREAT.


More akin to Mass Effect 3 than Destiny, Warframe can appeal to the sci-fi elements of Destiny. With melee elements as critical as your aim-down-sight shooting, Warframe’s similarities to Destiny may end there, but it’s loads of fun with friends and works best in small groups. Think of Warframe battles as practice with your fireteam for the conquest this September.

Planetside 2:

An MMO in as much a sense as Destiny, Planetside 2 has PVP experiences that are deep and wide. With vehicle combat and a strong sci-fi element, those looking to get down in the Crucible may enjoy their time in Planetside 2. Class options in Planetside 2 are versatile and team combat that brings a much larger scale than Destiny PVP, you should be well equipped to watch your own back [and the map] by the time Destiny ships early this fall.

Path of Exile:

Path of Exile is not a shooter and it’s not sci-fi. Path of Exile is a smash-and-grab grind to the best gear in the world and it’s a great time. With free-to-play entry, you can swing your swords, shoot your arrows, and kill until the sun comes up. PoE demands a bit of time before you’re ready to compete in its ladder of the best in the world, of course, but we’re looking to kill time, so that’s OK. You’ll enjoy a bit of creeper smashing, and PoE may be more violent than Destiny, but it’s a good time nonetheless.

If you’re grinding out the days until Destiny like we are, you’re not alone. For more information about Destiny, we have nearly a full play through on the Moon, as well as a new piece of Destiny Grimoire available on our Facebook page every 5 days. Add me on the PlayStation Network if you want to play some Crucible on launch day, username: VisionEx, and I’ll see you on September 9th.

Joseph Madding

As PowerLeveled's Chief Operating Officer and Lead Editor, I oversee daily operations. You can follow me on Twitter @TheVisionEx, or join me on Facebook/TheVisionEx. I'm on the PlayStation Network when I'm not on the PC by the handle of VisionEx. I'm always down to play with anyone who invites me, so long as I have the game you want.

  • Wade
    July 27, 2014

    D: I was on at 3 pm Pacific time and there was no moon so I get nothing? And I was playing a crucible match just a few minutes ago and there you go it shutdown the servers, everything went black? Why doesn’t bungie just instead do what BF4 did, give the beta testers special emblems?

      • Wade
        July 27, 2014

        Well, they’ve changed so much for the beta alone in what players can access and how they can access it, so maybe they’ll decide to give a complimentary emblem to all beta testers. But here is what I don’t understand i was on for the first hour (pacific time) and there was no notification for the moon levels being opened, all I saw was the iron banner being opened. I’m a bit disappointed but finger crossed for the emblem thing, because I really enjoyed the beta and I’m a bit bummed I won’t at least get to keep my characters and that there was no heads up for the server shutdowns because it went off at about 6:38 P.M. Pacific Time when I was in the middle of a crucible match when it was scheduled for 11:59 P.M. Pacific Time…but again I read an article earlier stating that Bungie will do whatever the heck they want.

        One more thing, I’m guessing you had this article all ready to post for when the servers would go offline? Congratulations you are the first to post anything about it though.

  • AlexH
    July 27, 2014

    “Now What” you ask?
    Well, if your a PS4 gamer then this means theres nothing else to do…. just wait……….
    or you can revert back to playing indie games, 8-bit looking indie games that look like they should belong on a $99 Ouya, not a $400 “next gen” system Lol

  • dirksterdude
    July 27, 2014

    I wonder if the reason they opened up the Destiny Beta is they didn’t obtain enough testers through pre-orders. My understanding was only pre-orders were going to be allowed to Beta test the game.

  • I loved the beta also, but I have one problem with your article. Destiny is only on the consoles and you’ve only listed one game here that’s available on consoles to tide players over til the official launch. I have a couple of pc’s in the house but they can barely play Path of Exile or Team Fortress 2 on low graphical settings. I just think you should have kept it to a list of console titles.

  • bludbot
    July 28, 2014

    I was just wondering about all the comments alluding to ps4 not having any games for it. Are there alot more on the xbox one? I don’t have either system but will be getting one soon so I was just wondering.

  • James
    July 28, 2014

    No one ever mentions Defiance…