Wednesday , 2 September 2015
League of Legends Brings April Fools Update

League of Legends Brings April Fools Update

In the latest patch for League of Legends, released for April Fool’s Day, Riot games has brought forth Ultimate Rapid Fire mode [U.R.F].

The new patch contains a huge buff for every champion in the league, with the exception of a few champions who needed to be banned for the just-for-fun game type Ultimate Rapid Fire to launch. Check out the “future of League of Legends” major balance update “scheduled for the coming season.”

We played some of the new mode and have found that Sona may be the single most overpowered champion in the new temporary mode. Given very little time, and a Lich Bane, it’s easy to get a game carried away with the support champion. Feast your eyes on the details below, then head on out to the fields of justice yourself and destroy your enemies with 80% more cool down and zero resource costs!

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